Downpatrick Inspiration

I took a photo of this tree today. All part of my quest for inspiration!  It’s growing in a field on the road to Downpatrick which, being St Patrick’s Day, it quite appropriate.

Hornbeam Repot

I gave my friend Stephen a hand to repot his large Hornbeam today. A new pot had been planned and attempted but the tree proved too big and we had to repot it back into the mica pot until a suitable replacement could be found. Here’s the tree after repotting.

Stephen managed to get his sign up outside his ‘Bonsai Studio’. His next job is to raise the roof by 12″ so I don’t bang my head on the light!! 🙂 It’s like walking around Hobbiton, the door should be round. Sorry Stephen 🙂


Happy St Paddy’s Day

Have a green beer on me 🙂

An Irish Bonsai