Mucker’s Scotty

My bonsai mucker (Belfast term for friend, pal buddy etc.) Phil brought his Pine down to my garage last night for repotting. He didn’t need any help with it, just to use my grit and pop it into my poly tunnel 🙂 Hey, what are friends for.

It’s a Scots Pine in a Semi Cascade style. He’s been trying to repot it for 3 years but at last all the pieces fell into place. It has been in this plastic improvised pot for longer than I can remember.

On removal he was happy to see the amount of mycelium. We kept some to add to any other Pines without it.

A rare sighting of Phil without a hat on, now you know why 🙂

It was a bit of a squeeze to get it into the new pot due to a rather nice surface root. Once he restyles it next year it’ll look fantastic. Now a full cascade but there is an option for a shorter semi cascade.

A few other trees repotted on the night.

Ian’s (not me, another Ian) Larch and Cork bark Elm.