Memory Trees

A few days ago I posted a photo of a little Potentilla that I named after Issy, my mother-in-law to mark her passing. I thought I would show two other trees that I’ve named for different reasons.

First up is ‘Old Joe’, named after my Uncle who died of cancer 5 years ago. My Aunt had to move into a home a short time later and I asked if I could dig up a yew that was growing in the garden. It was 15 feet tall and all I could do was a chop job. I let it grow for a few years and then gave it an initial styling. I was going to chop it even further down but decided to use it for some carving practice.. Here is it after 5 years, it was no more than a fence post to begin with, but it holds memories of my Uncle, who would love what I’ve done with it. A lot more growth and carving refinement needed.

Next up is a Juniper that I dug out of my Sisters garden just before she emigrated to Australia back in 1994. It was about 5 foot high and had a 7 foot spread and took a lot of chasing back to get it to were it is now. It was the first tree I ever carved, and it shows! It’s now simply known as ‘Janet’s Juniper’, and she always asks about it. It was Janet who bought me my first bonsai back in 1993 and she has a lot to answer for. 🙂 I repotted it today into a Walsall Ceramic pot. I have changed this tree so many times over the years, I’m sure it’s totally fed up!!

Best Buds

I also took a few close up shots of buds.

First up, a Beech Bud.

Crab Apple


Japanese White Pine

Larch Cone developing

my favorite of the day, a Larch flower spraying pollen. Had to flick and shoot at the same time to get this one.

Trident Maple


and finally a Cork Bark Elm.

A Few More Fuji

I was busy today repotting and playing about with my camera. Before I got my hands dirty, I took a few more photos of the Fuji Cherry with the morning dew on the flowers.

New Banner

After replacing my mother board on my PC I have now got Photoshop access again allowing me to be a bit more adventurous.

When I started this blog I was unsure what image to add to the Banner at the top of each page. I have decided to rotate it and make it seasonal. The New one features flowers from my Fuji Cherry.