Full Sun Today

The little yellow flower on my accent plant opened in the full sun today and I must say, it looks like a full sun itself 🙂

I didn’t clear a bit of dust from the camera lens today and the blur kind of looks like a glow in this one.

This is another accent, just moss but nice.

Near the end…

It’s near the end for the flowers on my Fuji Cherry. The green leaves are showing through. I took the opportunity today in the sunshine to take a few last flower photos for this season. Every time I set it down there was a flurry of flower petals floating about.

Here you can just see a little adventurous bud appearing on the root base. I’ve rubbed it off now, but it’s a good sign of strong growth to come.

New Bloggers added on Links Page

I’ve just added a few more Bloggers on the Links tab for those of you on the lookout for more inspiration.

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