Club Meeting

I’m just back from my club’s monthly meeting. I took my son Matthew with me tonight. He’s been showing an interest in Bonsai of late and I would dearly love to be able to hand them on to a family member some time down the line. He really enjoyed his night and now wants his own tools.

It was great to see that spark of enthusiasm in the new members. One chap walked in with a heavy trunked Spirea that he has collected from the garden. I wish I had started off with this sort of material instead of some of the junk I wasted my time on. Some would say I still do 😦

For more photos click this link.

Thoughts and Prayers for Japan

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people devastated by the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and around the pacific.

Surely Not!!

The weather forecast says there might be snow tonight, surely not!! I’ve just spent an hour making sure I don’t get caught out. Anything repotted is tucked away.

Whilst I was looking around I noticed a lot of trees that need some attention. Fingers crossed the rain let’s up tomorrow and I can get a bit done.

I  managed to get some new Fern screening up this morning before the rain. I ripped down the reed screen that I had been using as a backdrop for my bonsai display area. I was going to change to bamboo as the reeds rot very quickly, then I spotted the fern screening which is hardier and a better colour.

Here’s the old reed screen.

This is it with the reed away.

This is the Fern screen, a better colour that won’t fade either.

This is it mostly up. The rain stopped play. I have one section left to do and then power washer time and a good weeding below the benches.

Off to the NI Bonsai Society meeting tonight. Not really a meeting any more, it’s more of a workshop and that seems to be what people want. The last 3 nights have been packed out the door. I’m wondering if tonight will be quieter with the heavy rain. I’ll have to wait and see.