Gyoten Satsuki

New addition to the benches, a rather funky Satsuki Azalea variety Gyoten. Large pink frilly flowers of different shades of pink and some stripes here and there.

The tree came in from Japan this year from Akiyama San with the help of Peter Warren.

Needs a pot which will be tricky to source I think.

Higo Gayu Kai 2014

More stunning Shohin displays from the blog of Nekotoban, this time from Higo Gayu Kai 2014.


Four Seasons of Japan

Shuga Ten 2013

Juan Andrade, who is apprenticing at Aichien very kindly shared some photos taken at Shuga Ten  on Facebook. I was blown away by some of the quality trees. I have shared a few of my favourites below but Juan tells me that John Milton will be sharing them all on his blog soon, so keep an eye open for this.


A Nice Touch

Japan Erects Massive Sculpture of the Last Standing Tree from a Forest Destroyed by the 2011 Tsunami

Click image for link.

Japan Society of Northern Ireland

I was asked to put on a small display of trees at a meeting of the Japan Society of Northern Ireland on Saturday and do a short talk.

Myself and Stephen went along on the day, getting there early to set up we were able to have a wonder around the Japanese Garden at the venue.

We then set up a few small displays at the entrance and what could pass as a tokonoma in the living area. The extra trees were placed outside in the garden for viewing during the afternoon.

This chap was keeping an eye on us…

After my talk we got stuck into some fabulous food and it was obvious just what a social occasion this meeting was. Great to see the kids enjoying themselves, and so well behaved too.

More Wishful Thinking

This time I wish I had been along on the trip with Mr Monkey Mountain 🙂

Click on the image below to see what wonders he visited.

Bonsai Journey Japan – Seeking Light – Part 1

Excellent video from Andrew Sellman. Mke sure you go back and watch some of the older videos on his channel.

Photos in the Sun

Saturday saw Phil appear in my back garden with a few new trees to get photographed 😉

Stephen cam for a look and Josh appeared with the first load of his collection coming for some Holiday care.

Nice Astilbe on Japanese Blog

Click image to visit blog.