Autumn Flower Show

I was putting a few trees into the Autumn Flower Show for the Club on Friday and I took a few photos while I was there.

The show is set in the grounds of Botanic Gardens in the Centre of Belfast. The grounds contain some interesting features. I haven’t a clue what the cows are about!

This old yes is long over due collecting 🙂

A park character

Watching this old hand prepare his dahlias for show was nice to see. This is a dying art as shows such as this start to disappear. What a pity.

Some of the Dahlias on display.

Cacti also on display.

Probably one of the worst ways to display bonsai in competitive classes, no back drop, low tables etc but it still allows the public a chance to see bonsai and perhaps lift one of the club cards available on the tables.

Perhaps I’ll get a few more photos today when I collect the trees.

4 comments on “Autumn Flower Show

  1. This used to be my favourite place, every sunday me and my friends would jump on the train from Ballymena and head up to the gardens where we would spend all day. Ironically since moving to Belfast I havent been once…really must get back in the habit of going.


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