Auction Beech Trees

I know I’ve probably mentioned the auction being held by my local club  before, but for those who missed it be sure to check out the new trees just added, among them are a few very tasty Beech trees that have been developed over 25 years.

All the auction trees are now residing at my place and can be viewed here before the auction, just contact me first as climbing the fence results in dog bites and a lead injection 😀

Here’s the beech, and the auction page can be checked out HERE.


Hawthorn – Initial Styling

A totally raw Hawthorn from the sales bench taking it’s first steps.

Japanese Larch -First Steps

I collected this Larch about 3 years ago. I was drawn to the natural shari created by wild goats, Sadly some of the branches didn’t open that Spring after collection, the goats really know how to strip bark! I let it sit and establish for a few years and in 2015 put it on my sales bench with a view to moving it on as raw material suitable for a workshop. It obviously didn’t inspire anyone and so I decided to give it a basic shaping a few weeks ago.

This is the before shot.

After a quick look I opted to remove the one live branch at the apex. This had been a twig 3 years ago and had grown strongly but was to far removed from the interesting bits elsewhere on the tree. With the help of my mate Jeff we did some basic stripping of the deadwood and got some wire onto the heavy lower branch. We played with keeping the other branch to the back, but it just didn’t fit with the image.

This is it afterwards. Still cleaning up to be done at this point and a few adjustments but the basic shape is there with some extra branches left as options.

After checking the roots out I decided to go ahead and repot. In the 3 years since collection the tree and filled the box with roots. I put all collected Larch into pure Sphagnum moss and they love it. The problem comes when the moss breaks down and holds too much water, usually after 2-3 years. At this point I repot into a more traditional mix. I was able to jin a heavy surface root as part of the process making a nice new feature and also with the added benefit of raising the deadwood up above the soil surface which will help stop the wood rotting away to quickly.

This is the tree now, cleaned up and lime sulphured, with some more refinement of the deadwood and a year or two’s ramification I think it will make a nice albeit unusual image. A fun piece of material to play about with and for now, it goes back on the sales bench once it opens in the Spring.

Chinese Juniper Makeover

This tree has been on the For Sale bench for a while as raw material for a workshop. It’s not exactly raw as it’s been styled on and off over the last 20 years by 3 owners that I know of. I felt the urge today to give it a reworking and this is the result before and after. No longer of use for a workshop but will make a nice addition to someone’s collection down the line.One major branch removed and jinned to lighten the image Slight angle change with tree being repositioned in the pot which is by Jackson Conn, a collectors piece in itself 😉





I’ve had this Elm group for a while on my For Sale list but I think the cracked red Cat litter tray was putting a few interested folk off. I decided to transfer it over onto a slate to make a better image.



Another Larch Initial Styling

This one was interesting to do.





Larch Initial Styling

I have a number of raw material Larch collected 2 years ago that I’m in the process of doing an initial styling. Hoping to give them some shape and a few months growth before adding to my sales page.









A few more to do as time permits.


Kennet Collection Reduction Sale

I’ve been asked to share this with you all, makes sense as I have a lot of hits from the USA. This sale looks amazing! It took me quite a while flicking through the photos and checking prices to see what was on offer. If you live near or even can travel for a day, this is well worth a visit. Some great trees for sale, mostly Japanese Import too. Prices range from £20 to $14,000 and everywhere in between. They are obviously priced to sell!


Collection For Sale

The observant among you will have noticed a new page tab at the top of the page titled Collection For Sale. A friend has decided to get out of bonsai and is selling his collection of 26 trees, either singularly or multiple trees. If you are interested click on the image below or just just click the tab above for a full run down. No prices listed but offers welcome.


Auction Update

For those of you who saw my posts regarding the Auction held by the Wessex Bonsai Society, here is a update about the day on the Swindon Bonsai Society Website. Click on the photo to visit.