Help… A mate out

Ray over on Ronin Bonsai is asking for help in locating some old friends he’s lost touch with. As I seem to have a lot of American followers, according to my stats, I thought I’d help him out. See the old photo below and click on it to read Ray’s request and further details. If America was the size of Ireland you’d a bumped into them by now 🙂 Good luck with the search Ray, I think you’ll need a little luck!

Favourite Kusamono

These two are my favourite Kusamono at the moment. Probably because of the wild look that they portray.  Now surprising as both were nearly direct lifts from a bog with collecting Pine this Spring. It’s been fun to watch them fill out and new plants appear as the season progressed. Nature really does do it best.

Fern, grass, moss, lichen


Grass, lichen, heather