New accents!

A few from the Bonsai Baker after our June trip to Bali Hai Nursery.

Bonsai Baker

Back in June I talked about a visit to bali-hai nursery.These are the plants we arrived home with, we meaning my wife came along with Ian and I.

Most of the accents are Hosta’s, I just love these little plants,this one is Little devil. It’s already forming a nice clump/mound.

Ghost Master, a very eye catching Hosta.

This is one of the Mouse Ears, ‘Frosted’ Mouse Ears to be exact.

Good luck reading this one!

Ian’s Hosta jig!


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Bonsai Ireland Munster Club First Meeting

Lyons Bonsai


So the time has come for our first club meeting on Friday the 20th of September at 8pm in the Blackrock Hurling Club,Church Rd, Blackrock, Cork. So now that we have the time and Venue confirmed, all we need are Bonsai Enthusiasts. You are more than welcome to attend and bring a friend who may have interest in Bonsai. The aim of this Club is to have fun with bonsai, learn in a group setting and most importantly make a bonsai community in Cork.

For our first meeting we will get to know one an other and if each person would like to bring one tree with them just for discussion. It doesn’t need to be a 100 year old White Pine (If it is please bring it 🙂 ) If its a well developed or just material bought from a garden centre, please bring one tree if you can. It…

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Korean bonsai master Seok Ju Kim

Whipped back into shape, with love


This Shimpaku was once owned by a man named Oguchi, a famous Bonsai collector.  I believe it appeared in one of his books over 20 years ago, when I find the photo I’ll be sure to include it next time, old records are great informers.

I worked on this tree for last years Kokufu.  At that time only detail wiring and an overall balance check were necessary.  Here is how it looked last winter.


Its current owner brought it back to us this summer for work, it ended up needing to be completely de-wired, deadwood cleaned, and rewired.  When over half is cutting in its usually better to just take it all off and let the tree rest.  In this case, however, Mr. Suzuki had other plans.  I later found out that this tree now belonged to my teacher, and being the multi-talented kind of guy that he is, he…

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Bonsai World Show 2013

A few more videos this time from Andy taken at Bonsai World.