Nihon de Hajimete, or, Busting the Japanese Cherry(Prelude)

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Japan: It’s every Bonsai fanatic’s dream. While I’ve been doing Bonsai for 6 years, it’s only in the last 3 that I’ve become serious about the art. From the first images I saw of Japanese bonsai in Kokufu albums and online, it’s been a milestone pursuit to travel there and see Japanese bonsai in person. Last week I did, and it was everything and more that I hoped it would be. But let’s back up a little bit.
One of my closer bonsai and pot nerd buddies is Matt Ouwinga, of Kaede Bonsai En, and earlier this year he invited me on the trip he was planning to Japan, led by the illustrious and delightfully sardonic Peter Warren, Mr Saruyamahimself.
I was, of course, ecstatic, and still consider myself quite lucky as a bit of greenhorn to have been included on this tour with such a respected group…

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Bjorn Bjorholm Show Critique

After last years videos I have been waiting for this years offerings, and here is the first uploaded a short time ago 🙂