Friday Night Lights ….

… in the garage 🙂

Some friends came over last night to do a little tree work, mostly repotting, well, that’s not true, it was mostly banter and craic 😉

Garage Night

Tonight for my first garage night in ages. Haven’t been able to manage one with work of late. We had a great night playing with trees and chatting.

They actually all look busy, no chat at all!



Michael on his knees!


Ian hard at it


Shaz and the White Pine



Caleb at his first garage night, will he come back? Ben getting stuck in.



Garage Night Tree #2

This is a Beech that Stan brought along for some thinning out and general discussion.

This is the tree after thinning and with a slight change of front selected. It will need a slight readjustment in the pot and then it’s good to go.

Commiserations to Stan today, he’s  a Manchester United Fan and insists on wearing his Utd top and scarf to my garage nights. Being a Liverpool fan this is somewhat inflammatory!! A pity the workshop wasn’t tonight, the jacket may have been left in the car 😀 Just for Stan, here’s a photo of Utd Goal Keeper today ‘Dylan DeGea’ lol