Bonsai Event – Netherlands

I am always happy to promote shows, exhibitions, workshops, etc, here and this one even more so as it’s for Harry, my European scout/photographer 😉

Poster below with all the details, free entry and free workshops,  I wish I could get away to see some of these, maybe in a few years when things quieten down a bit 😉

Dutch Club Exhibition Photos

Harry, my Dutch friend has shared some more photos with me.

These where taken at a club exhibition yesterday. It’s a relatively new club who are exhibiting their trees in order to attract some new members.

The group was initiated and is still facilitated by Johan van Frankenhuyzen, a bonsai-enthusiast from their local garden centre. Website . I’m told that he is the driving force behind the hobby group.

Bruno Wijman is the lead in their workshops through the world of bonsai art and techniques. This is his website.

Here are a few photos from the exhibition. If I get any links for more photos, I’ll update the post.

35th Anniversary Flemish Bonsai Association Part 3

The final instalment of harry’s photos, these are from the Marc Noelanders Demonstration. The big Chamaecyparis isn’t the easiest looking demo tree but what Marc gets from it it truly amazing. I remember watching Marc demonstrate back in 1999 at the EBA in Birmingham with similar material. He really  does have a knack for getting the best out of a piece of raw material.

35th Anniversary Flemish Bonsai Association Part 2

Second instalment from Harry with more trees from the exhibition.

35th Anniversary Flemish Bonsai Association Part 1

Harry’s came up with the goods again. On Saturday he attended the 35th Anniversary of the Flemish Bonsai Association held at   ‘de nationale plantentuin van Belgie’ . As part of the event Marc Noelanders demonstrated on a Chamaecyparis, but more on that in a later post.

Here are the first batch of Harry’s photos.