Nice Impostors

I planted up a dwarf Horsetail in this pot about 4 years ago and promptly neglected it among the others on my bench. Over the four years I had a few neighbouring plants move in of there own accord and have now made this their home. It’s also made my feeble efforts at kusamono look average.

New additions include, Rowan, Cotoneaster, Viola, and whatever the hell the big tall thing is. No clue, obviously brought in by the birds.

Eejit Artwork

A big Thank you to ‘Jurgen’ 🙂 at Makisada Ceramics for sending me the original Artwork for my Bonsai Eejit logo. I was delighted to receive this in the post. Just need to find the right frame now.

Make sure you check out Robyn and Veerle’s fantastic pots at

Leinster Bound

I’m heading to Leinster Bonsai Clubs meeting tonight in Balbriggan with Phil for some craic and wee trees.

IMG_2904 IMG_2922 IMG_2928

Mame Rowan

Autumn colours already appearing on this little Rowan.

Rooting into gravel tray, only way to keep these smaller ones healthy this year.


Korean bonsai master Seok Ju Kim

Artist Takanori Aiba

The wife spotted this article in the daily Mail. Interesting work. Click on the image to see the article.