Bonsai Event – Netherlands

I am always happy to promote shows, exhibitions, workshops, etc, here and this one even more so as it’s for Harry, my European scout/photographer 😉

Poster below with all the details, free entry and free workshops,  I wish I could get away to see some of these, maybe in a few years when things quieten down a bit 😉

Guest Appearance

I have always said here that if any of you are in the area on holiday, feel free to give me a shout and pop in for a visit and a chat. Well Nathaniel did just that. Born here in Belfast , and moved to Canada when he was ten, he was back to attend a wedding and catch up with family. As usual with these family holidays, time flies in and he just managed to squeeze in a quick trip to my place.

Nat is a big lover of the videos I post on Youtube and when he saw the club sign in my garage, he was keen to get a snap. He’s a recent addition to the Toronto Bonsai Society himself.



Checking out the benches.


Safe home mate, good to chat.