Accent Friendship

I may have mentioned a few weeks back about swapping some accents with Xavier in France. He has kindly mentioned me on his blog showing the Soldanella that I sent in flower.

Here is his Soldanella and the lovely pot that he put it in. If you want to know more about the pot, read his post here. Google translate is my friend 😉

EBA 2013 Links

Been perusing the net trying to find photos from the EBA Exhibition in Audincourt France. If I find any more I link them as well as it looks like a great exhibition with that usual European tilt. Looks like the French Federation of Bonsai have done themselves proud.

Feel – Spirit Bonsai #1 

Feel Spirit Bonsai #2

Bonsaiolo’s Academy

Matsugawa Bonsai Club

Google Gallery

European Bonsai Forum