This Escallonia is now back out on the bench too. It got some work done during the Winter on the deadwood. Peter Snart kept me right with the carving and I took some time to preserve the inner deadwood. Just opening up now and in a few weeks it will be extending everywhere as usual.

and outside in the sun.

Rescue Maple Air Layer

After spending the last few years getting this maple back to health, it was time to make a decision about the rotting wood at the base and slight inverse taper. The tree has obviously had a hard life and large areas of the trunk have died back. After consideration I am opting to try an air layer.

I marked out the best spot for stripping the bark. Not easy as the deadwood always breaks the circumference of the trunk at some point.

Sharp tools at the ready and some Sphagnum Moss at hand.

Strip removed and a clean upper edge created. Lots of evidence of a hard life in the heartwood of this tree.

Instead of doing the usual air layer with cling film I opted to use a flower pot as it can sit at the base of the tree. Pot sliced and a portion removed to allow the trunk to fit through the bottom.

Taped up and ready for the moss.

Filled with moss and cling filmed over the top to help retain moisture.

Here we go. Update in the Autumn.