Korean Hornbeam

Back out on the benches with most of my trees. I will take a gamble that the weather has now turned. This Korean Hornbeam has been slow to bud this year but is now covered with tips of green.

Nice Blog, Now in English Too

Every now and again I post a link to one of the blogs I follow.

This Finnish Blog is along similar lines to my own and due to the number of hits from English language countries the blogger has now started to post in English too. Well worth a visit and follow.  Click on the image below to visit and say hello 🙂

ScreenHunter_14 Apr. 26 15.59

Mario’s Spring Update

As I had the camera out on Sunday I took the opportunity to snap a few of Mario’s trees that I have in my care while he’s away working in Dubai. It’s sort of like proof of Life! 🙂



Japanese Black Pine

Korean Hornbeam

Itoigawa Juniper