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Taking place as I type live from the bog.

Maple Repot

This is a maple that I’ve had for a number of years but it’s had some major health problems. Originally from Japan, when it came into the UK it had weak branches and over the years it’s been problematic. Things seem to have settled down now. Here and a few other posts relating to it.

This is it in it’s training pot.

Stephen came down to help me repot as I had a few large ones to man handle about the place. Two people is the way to go when potting bigger trees.

The ribbed sides seem to really help with the roots!

After the initial combing out and trimming.

After a wash out

Trying the pot for size.

Pinning the tie in wire back from the nebari to stop any damage. By placing a heavy wire in at a 45 degree angle this will stop the tie wire slipping up the root mass.

The tree after potting.

A few branch adjustments required but this is starting to create some reasonable ramification at last.