Evening Walk with My Better Half

Last Friday evening after a hectic week at work I took a stroll out with by Better Half. Nothing fancy just a walk along the floodgates in Ards. I usually walk in the mornings so it was nice to see a different light for photos.

Tide was out and there was plenty of wading birds about.

Everyone happy,

even the dogs

Only folk not happy were the owners of the two cars in the carpark. Windows smashed and handbags stolen! They were busy complaining about how slow the police were in getting there. The police were two miles down the lough fishing a skull out of the water and looking for the rest of the body. Nice and peaceful!! It’s as well Smudge only found a Tennis Ball! 🙂

Stop Thief Again!!

And this time they took advantage of Walter being in hospital. Oh to lay hands on these people!! This is the tree stolen from Walter Pall and a link to his post about it.


People from all over Europe read this blog, it’s got to be out there somewhere.

Get well soon Walter.

Ivy Air Layer Update

I made a few alterations yesterday to an air layer taken last year. Story Here

This was it before work.

The leaves were a bit tatty and they like frequent defoliation. To help me see what why to progress this tree I removed the leaves and ended up removing some of the deadwood too. It was confusing the flow of the tree.

Going for a semi cascade as you can see. This is a different view to show you the movement.

Work still required on the deadwood to the rear but no rush, early days.