Esprit Bonsai – Soldanella

Another great article from my plant swapping buddy Xavier in Esprit Bonsai issue 82. And even better, my Soldanella in a Magic Ceramics pot made an appearance.



A nice article on the Pacific Bonsai Museum too, hoping to visit myself next year at some point.


Accents: Crassula and Soldanella

Soldanella ‘Spring Symphony’, Walsall Ceramics Pot.




Early days, Iris, but in it’s new Magic Ceramics pot.


Crassula Socialis in new Magic Ceramics pot.


Soldanella Alba

My only white one but it’s flowering 🙂



Soldanella Accent

DSC_0631 (2)

A Few New Accents

What! More accents I hear you say 🙂 These were exchanged in my now regular swap sessions with Robert Porch who was over talking at our Club meeting this Friday.

Two Soldanella Alpina, one is ‘Minima’ and the other is ‘Alba’ which as the name suggests, will have a white flower.

And also this one which I have seen in a few Japanese origin photos, but I don’t know the name. Ideas?

Accent Friendship

I may have mentioned a few weeks back about swapping some accents with Xavier in France. He has kindly mentioned me on his blog showing the Soldanella that I sent in flower.

Here is his Soldanella and the lovely pot that he put it in. If you want to know more about the pot, read his post here. Google translate is my friend 😉