Kusamono Links

I spent a little time over the last few weeks splitting, sorting and searching for new varieties of accent plants. As I’m in the mood, I have shared a few links here for some great posts and sites showing kusamono.

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2012

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2011

The Art of Kusamono

Dan Barton Accent Page 1 of 10 pages

These varieties are on my wish list is anybody knows of someone who has a spare 😉

Eleocharis montavideus — Dwarf rush


Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2013 everyone 🙂

Smallest Landscape? Nailed it!

Had to share this, borrowed from a Reddit poster who had borrowed it from elsewhere 🙂


Sagami Exhibition Japan

Whilst everyone is in Shohin mode I thought I would share these photos from the Sagami Exhibition shared via Yama-chan Blog

Bonsai Blogging it Tonight

Just did my regular run through of blogs that I follow and thought I’d share a few links to some posts that I found interesting.

Modeling a Kuro Matsu

Ramification Progression

Taxus First Styling

Windswept Larch



Shohin UK The Final Montage

Mark Cooper kindly offered me these photos from the Shohin UK event last weekend. They give an excellent overview of the day and also capture the great atmosphere that everyone refers to about their day there.

I’ve taken a real notion for these dwarf flowering Quince. Gotta get me some stock to work with.

Michael Hagedorn

I’ll find any excuse to share photos of Chojubai!

A few of these photos are of older trees blooming in my yard this spring, in their new antique pots. (Love that oxymoron, ‘new antique’—new to me, but also old to me and everyone else). I’ve also included photos of younger plants I’m growing.

‘Chojubai’ is the cultivar name for a dwarf form of Japanese Flowering quince. Because of the scarcity of Chojubai bonsai in the United States, and because I enjoy working with them, a few years ago I started growing them in some volume. Even though the ability to develop woody plants is nearly unparalleled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, it’ll still take me about 8 years to make a product I’m happy with, ready for a bonsai pot. In the meantime I’ll share a few of the Chojubai I’ve got going here, in various stages.

To date, pots with Chojubai outnumber…

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Xavier Heaven

Yesterday saw my parcel arrive from Xavier in France. This is the second year when we have swapped accent plants.

Too many plants to name but among them are several varieties of Hosta, Rhodohypoxis, some Sedum, Saxafraga, Mukdenia, Ledebouria, etc. The list goes on. Most were big enough for me to split further and I ended up with 30+ plants! I had to make up more mix!!

Well packed

Well labelled too. I always misplace labels but I spent a little time making sure my splits were labelled too.

One of the Saxafraga

Potted up and in the green house out of the wind and snow flurries!

Thanks Xavier.

Warrens Wise Weather Words

Reblogged from yer man Warrens ever more popular blog. Click on the image to read and ponder.