Larch One Week On…

What a difference a week makes. If only our exhibition was a week later, we would have had a little more to work with.

This is my larch at the show.

And today

NIBS Exhibition – Demo Trees

During the Exhibition last weekend we worked on a few trees as a sort of rolling demo for the public to watch. Sadly I didn’t always get an after photo. I can Hear Phil saying, ‘You Dick!!’

Here’s a few shots I did take.

Ben’s Blue Cedar that fell off the back of a lorry! Really!! Before


Prospective New Member Jonny’s Spruce just bought from the Nursery

After, not fine wired just basic selection and thinking about health of the tree.

Phil’s Scots Pine before no after!

Harry’s big Elm before, no after sadly as this got a major pruning 🙂