Well, that’s the long weekend over. Had a great time but am exhausted!

Bonsai School on Saturday, Workshop on Sunday and a Whirlwind Tour of Northern Ireland on Monday. I have heaps of photos to share and you’ll get drip fed over the next few days as I try and squeeze posts in around my real work and the fast approaching Phil and Suse Wedding.

To start, here are some general shots from Saturday’s Bonsai School.

Blogging From the Bog

I did a live post yesterday from the bog while we were collecting Scot’s Pine. It was a rare sunny day and as usual turned out to be one of the highlights of the bonsai year. Good company good craic, and good results.

Funny story, guess who forgot to put the memory card in the camera? Yep me! Luckily Stephen had his camera with him and I copied his card Phew! This means that I was actually in a few photos and there is evidence that I do actually do a little work.

Highlight of the day for me was watching Phil Fingers stepping into a hole and sinking into freezing water up to the knee. The usual abuse was given only for me to find a different hole a few minutes later. 😀

We cut back a few larger trees to collect at some point in the future. The land owner says that they’ll still be there for a while and we are the only people who he trusts to collect on the site. Therefore we can go longer term with a few of them.

We collected a few smaller ones and finished early enough to get everything potted up in the one day.

Here’s some photos courtesy of Stephen.

Accent Friendship

I may have mentioned a few weeks back about swapping some accents with Xavier in France. He has kindly mentioned me on his blog showing the Soldanella that I sent in flower.

Here is his Soldanella and the lovely pot that he put it in. If you want to know more about the pot, read his post here. Google translate is my friend 😉

Bonsai Auction at Wessex



ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 15 17.47

I think this might be the UK’s best kept secret! Which is a shame as all these trees need to be sold and as many folk as possible need to attend to make it a success. I never had the pleasure of meeting Manuel before his passing, but every single person who has had contact has had nothing but good things to say about him. His widow simply can’t look after such a large collection and all these trees need new homes. A rather large legacy.

I was chatting to Dean, who has done a fantastic job of getting these trees up on the internet for everyone to browse before the auction on 2nd March. I offered to plug the auction here and also show some of my favourites from the list. He was delighted that I would be helping to raise the profile of the auction. So here you go. In each case, click on the image for further details and guide price.

I love this little clump of Chinese Elms, so natural looking.


Another great value forest.


A very nice Trident Maple

A nice natural looking Scots Pine

I think this big Scottie is a bargain at the price. It looks as if it is growing on a British hillside somewhere.

A bargain shohin Cork Bark Elm if it goes that cheap.

Nice to see an Oak making an appearance.

A nice example of a broom Zelkova

A nice Korean Hornbeam.

A really nice Maple group

I’ll post a few more tomorrow but for further info visit the auction site HERE

Bird Feeder

Not much happening this week other than some major computer issues!!!

Anyway, I did manage to snap a few photos of some wild birds on a feeder through a window, hence they are a little fuzzy.

Photos include Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Redpoll, Gold Finch, House Sparrow.

Did we already know this?

Jerry, a fellow forum buddy over on Wee Trees Bonsai Forum, posted a link  to a BBC article ‘Stunted’ pot plants cannot reach full potential.

Worth a read through, however, didn’t most of us already have a fair idea that this was the case?

The full PDF scientific paper on the subject can be read here. Some interesting observations if you can spare the time to read it.

Next Step

Next Step for the Escallonia was carried out today. I applied the wood hardener to the inside of the trunk with a trusty tooth brush. This was followed up by a fresh coat of lime sulphur.

An hour or so later.

Lime sulphur was applied at 3:1 ratio. It’s very white for now but will fade over the Winter and will hopefully be the right colour come flowering next year. It’s now going into some winter protection.

Autumn Benches

I had a few friends down last night playing with trees. It was absolutely Baltic, the coldest night so far this Autumn. A few who came, were here for the first time. It was dark and my outside light is on the Fritz, so they didn’t get a change to see some of my benches. So these are for you Susan, David and Adrian.


Just had to share this photograph with you. It was taken in Tullymore Forest Park in County Down N. Ireland by Hugh Wilkinson, one of our club members. He’s been playing around with his new camera and I was blown away when I seen this. It’s now my desktop image!!

Click photo for bigger image

Photo’s From Cavehill, Belfast

Some photos from my walk this morning up Cavehill over looking Belfast and Belfast Lough. A bit misty at the top and some mist floating around the docks giving it a spooky look just in time for Halloween approaching.

Three photos in one using photomerge. Click it for a bigger image on FlickR.

Belfast docks

Holywood, County Down peeking out of the morning mist

Had to laugh at this 🙂 Bonsai Baker down on his knees to get a decent shot, then …

Enter Smudge stage left who whipped him round the face with a wet tail on the way past 🙂 …

and the look of, ‘WTF’ on Stephen’s face 😀

Inspiration in an old Scottie

Why they call it cavehill

These two cavemen heading home! Spoke to them briefly on the way up. Both obviously high as kites from last night and have gone for a wander up the hill. They tried to pet my dogs who managed to give them a wide berth! [Yes Stephen, I’m taking credit for the cavemen joke 🙂 ]

Haws catching the sun.

Hooded Crows catching the thermals

McArts Fort with a misty top.


About the only splash of colour

Maggie splashing in the puddles at the top

Looking over the flat top, I’m a shadow of my former self 😉

I said to Stephen, ‘Look a Chestnut Horse’. He said, ‘You mean a Horse Chestnut?’ Nope 🙂

Finishing on the down slope.