Show Set Up Day One

Last night saw us starting to get the club show set up. We had to collect the stands from one side of Belfast and transport them over to the venue at the other side. Easy? No! Not when there is a bad accident on the motorway!! This is Phil’s van loaded with the stands stuck on the motorway. Yes I used my mobile in the car, but we hadn’t moved in about 30 minutes at this point!



We did however eventually make it to Hillside Nursery Centre where some more helping hands appeared and we managed to get more done than we expected. We got there to find the space not yet cleared and we had to lend a hand to get things moved.


The chuckle Brother Graham and Adrian.


To Me, To Me 🙂


Starting to take shape.



As straight as a dog’s hind leg Adrian 🙂


Two more nights of this and we’ll be ready for the public !