Silver Birch Autumn Colour

Yellow kicking in on this Birch. Only in training a few years and has a long way to go but it’s nice to see the splash of colour on the bench.

Peter Warren Bonsai Focus Video

What’s that you say? Another Peter Warren Video!! Well, this one isn’t mine.


Two More To Watch

Parts 3 & 4 in the Peter Warren Tree Critique series from my club’s October meeting.

New Talent

I kindly received the photos from the UK New Talent Competition held at Capel Manor a few weeks back.

Marcus Watts Winning tree.


and the Runner up Michael Poleviak’s tree.

An Eye Opener

I use FlickR a lot for storing and hosting my photos to use here on the blog. I’ve gathered up some great bonsai contacts there and it’s always GOOD to see what everyone else is up to.

A few days ago, one of my American contacts, Openeye , posted two before and after images of two trees that he styled in a workshop with Ryan Neil of Mirai Bonsai Fame. As I’m doing a workshop with Ryan myself in January, I was delighted to see the quality of what was produced. Great material always helps but still, look at these 🙂


Well worth checking the rest of Mike’s [OPENEYE] Bonsai set on FlickR  

SFH Accent Pots Added

Some more Accent pots from SusanFrancescaHunter added on the Pot Page.

Rhododendron Alterations

Another tree that Peter Warren looked at on his recent visit was this Rhododendron.

This was it a few weeks before his visit.

Peter suggested opening it our a little along the main long branch and a few other suggestion about future growth and pot. A few pot virtuals over the Winter months perhaps.

Heavy wire used to add a slight separation in the pad. Like Azaleas always use a heavier wire than normal to alter branches on this species. Some other areas were reduced. This was the first time that the tree has even had wire applied!

This was it in 2002

A few dodgy years were major TLC was needed to keep this one alive.

Great colour on my friend Stephen’s Maple 🙂

Bonsai Baker

This is my Maple just starting to get its autumn colour.

Every day it has been changing .

Now the tree is on fire.

It really brought a lot of colour to my garden this year!

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Just had to share this photograph with you. It was taken in Tullymore Forest Park in County Down N. Ireland by Hugh Wilkinson, one of our club members. He’s been playing around with his new camera and I was blown away when I seen this. It’s now my desktop image!!

Click photo for bigger image

Mario’s Satsuki Azalea

I have Mario’s Azalea for a few years and I like to keep him up to date.

This was it back in June in flower.

The canopy was getting too expansive and the apex was far too large. I opted to seek advice from Peter Warren about what was best for the tree and between us we reduced the foliage mass and I was able to open out the branches a little to start creating definition within the tree. This is it now.

Heavy wire was used to create a gradual bend in the branch. Peter advised that a heavier wire than you would normally use should be utilised in azaleas. This allows for greater support for a brittle tree. You can see that the apex is reduced and the tree is more open. More foliage could have been removed but as it was so late in the season we opted to leave some work until the Spring. Always do what’s best for the tree.