1000 Posts

Another Milestone for the blog.

Thank you to all who have encouraged me in keeping up the flow of posts. I have become a little OCD about daily posts 😆 but I hope most of them have been worth reading, or in most cases, viewing the photos.  The blog has grown from the initial plans I had from it. I’m very far from being anything even close to the quality of some of the artists out there. I even say the word artist expecting ridicule. Therefore to have this blog receive on average 500 hits+ a day from over 150 countries is mind blowing.

I’m aware that many check in for links to other exhibitions and videos and that’s fine by me. In fact, if you have a video you want to share, a show you want to promote, or have photos from a show anywhere in the world that you want to share, I am happy to help spread the bonsai love 🙂 

Thank You!