An Eye Opener

I use FlickR a lot for storing and hosting my photos to use here on the blog. I’ve gathered up some great bonsai contacts there and it’s always GOOD to see what everyone else is up to.

A few days ago, one of my American contacts, Openeye , posted two before and after images of two trees that he styled in a workshop with Ryan Neil of Mirai Bonsai Fame. As I’m doing a workshop with Ryan myself in January, I was delighted to see the quality of what was produced. Great material always helps but still, look at these 🙂


Well worth checking the rest of Mike’s [OPENEYE] Bonsai set on FlickR  

5 comments on “An Eye Opener

  1. yes , it is exciting the prospect of him being here at the nursery next January, whilst not all workshops participants will have amazing raw material , I am sure that he will get great results from anything he is presented with ! can you imagine what he may do with the demo tree 🙂 ?


    • we have nominated Mr Eejit as official [ strictly unpaid, of course ! 🙂 ] photographer for Ryan’s visit, Steve , so will you be bringing a video recording device Mr Young ?


      • Phil will have his camcorder with him but I’m hoping to borrow a good one from work as well. This however will require a front row seat reserved 😉 I’ll need to scrounge up a stack of memory cards for the whole weekend too!!


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