Wee Ones

Four of my wee ones.

I started the Sorbus Reducta in 1994.


The Elm has been with me for 5 years but is probably 20 years old in bonsai years. Now in a fantastic Magic Ceramic pot, a great match for the tree I think.


New to me this year, a little horse Chestnut gifted to me by my friend Maciej.


Finally my Juniper growing well since it’s repot this Spring.DSC_0304

Shohin Chinese Juniper

I got this little Chinese Juniper in 2010 from a great chap called Bob Snaith.He was clearing out his collection and I got this one at a great price. He supplied me with the first photo below. He’d bought the tree from a chap called Micky Paice who had bought it from Windybank Bonsai back in 1999. Always nice to know the provenance of a tree.

This was it in 2010 as I bought it.

I repotted it and let it sit for a year to gain strength. I then explored the idea of chopping it back to the first branch as I didn’t particularly like the contrived trunk line.

Decision made.

This was it repotted into a smaller pot the following Spring 2012 I think.

It’s been tweaked a few times since then but a few weeks ago I decided to fine wire it and transfer it into a new pot I picked up at Bonsai Europa. This is it prior to wiring.


And afterwards

The new pot and chop mark, Yamaaki.

and now after repotting and a new coat of jin seal applied.

Chinese Juniper Makeover

This tree has been on the For Sale bench for a while as raw material for a workshop. It’s not exactly raw as it’s been styled on and off over the last 20 years by 3 owners that I know of. I felt the urge today to give it a reworking and this is the result before and after. No longer of use for a workshop but will make a nice addition to someone’s collection down the line.One major branch removed and jinned to lighten the image Slight angle change with tree being repositioned in the pot which is by Jackson Conn, a collectors piece in itself 😉




Shohin Juniper Reworking

Did a little work on this wee one a few days back. Smaller pot required at some point.


Peter Warren Bonsai Focus Video

What’s that you say? Another Peter Warren Video!! Well, this one isn’t mine.


Noelanders Trophy Winners

Here are the Winners from the 13th Noelanders Trophy.

The overall Winner is the beautiful Juniper Chinensis owned by Luis Vallejo

Simon Tremblett’s Willow won a nomination and was awarded a BCI President’s Award

Cascade Scots Pine owned by David Benavente, Nomination winner

Hornbeam EBA Award of Merit Winner, German Sojer

Nicola Crivelli’s Spruce, nomination winner.

Beech Raft nomination winner owned by David Barlow.

Best Kifu Chinese Juniper owned by Mauro Stemberger

Yew Owned again by Mauro Stemberger BCI Award

Best Tree entered by a member of BAB, Mugo Pine owned by Christian Vos

If I’ve missed any, let me know!!