Photo’s From Cavehill, Belfast

Some photos from my walk this morning up Cavehill over looking Belfast and Belfast Lough. A bit misty at the top and some mist floating around the docks giving it a spooky look just in time for Halloween approaching.

Three photos in one using photomerge. Click it for a bigger image on FlickR.

Belfast docks

Holywood, County Down peeking out of the morning mist

Had to laugh at this 🙂 Bonsai Baker down on his knees to get a decent shot, then …

Enter Smudge stage left who whipped him round the face with a wet tail on the way past 🙂 …

and the look of, ‘WTF’ on Stephen’s face 😀

Inspiration in an old Scottie

Why they call it cavehill

These two cavemen heading home! Spoke to them briefly on the way up. Both obviously high as kites from last night and have gone for a wander up the hill. They tried to pet my dogs who managed to give them a wide berth! [Yes Stephen, I’m taking credit for the cavemen joke 🙂 ]

Haws catching the sun.

Hooded Crows catching the thermals

McArts Fort with a misty top.


About the only splash of colour

Maggie splashing in the puddles at the top

Looking over the flat top, I’m a shadow of my former self 😉

I said to Stephen, ‘Look a Chestnut Horse’. He said, ‘You mean a Horse Chestnut?’ Nope 🙂

Finishing on the down slope.

Chuhin Maple – A Long Year

This little Maple has had a hell of a year.After winning an award in the BSA Exhibition back in March it was attacked by some sort of pest and lost numerous branches. After putting me through the mill for a few months thinking it was going to be a very long time before it would be a decent tree again, it decided to pop buds. It budding in areas were I honest thought it had dessicated. It still going to take a few years to work it back to anything approaching it’s best, but it’ll get there. It rewarded me with this Autumn colour as a sign of new beginning next year.