Rescue Maple Autumn Colour

First photo taken on 20th October, the next ones 7 days later.

Workshop Videos

I’ve been adding these each day over on the Club Blogsite and thought I’d bring them up to date here as well.

First 4 parts of the Workshop Videos from Peter Warrens Weekend here. Each video features a tree. Each workshop participant selected a tree for talking through at the start of the workshop. Then depending on what was discussed, it was followed up with some work. Some great info dispensed by Peter.

Ian B’s Trees

Ian B, are hard working Club Treasurer was with me on Friday night and I snapped a few photos of his trees while he was here.

His little shohin Kiyo-hime Maple

His Zelkova with the dregs of Autumn colour still clinging on. This tree has come so far from when I first saw it at the club many years ago.

Japanese Larch

His Scots Pine before and after. Nearly all the branches emerged from the one spot on the trunk and we had to removed a lot to stop this point swelling and create some proper structure on the tree. In some ways a step backwards, but better for the tree in the future.


Pool Rock

Autumn Colours on the Wing

Even the Butterflies in my garden have Autumnal colours at the moment!

Greenhouse Maple

I keep some maples under glass for most of the year. This one has been hanging on to it’s colour well as there’s no wind in there 🙂

The Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 30 – Accents

The latest offering from the guys looks at accents and has an interview to boot.


Korean Hornbeam Critters!!

A few months back I noticed that a Korean Hornbeam in my garden was being eaten by something. I did the usual search of the leaves but couldn’t find a darn thing. I sprayed with insecticide and left it at that.

Last week I noticed that another Korean Hornbeam, in a different part of the garden was also getting eaten, leaving some leaves like skeletons. This time I spotted the little caterpillars that were doing the damage!

They’ve kind of ruined my chances of decent Autumn colour on this tree now. Has anyone else in the UK had these buggers on their Hornbeams, or even know what they are?

Even More Pots

Susan, aka was also a visitor to my home last night and she brought along a new selection of accent pots and her first batch of Bonsai pots. These have now been added to the Accent Pots for Sale Page and also a new page, Bonsai Pots for sale.

Here are a selection of my favourites.

Autumn Benches

I had a few friends down last night playing with trees. It was absolutely Baltic, the coldest night so far this Autumn. A few who came, were here for the first time. It was dark and my outside light is on the Fritz, so they didn’t get a change to see some of my benches. So these are for you Susan, David and Adrian.