Root Much!

This is a little Cork bark Elm that I’m holding for Willowbog Bonsai with a view to slipping it into my shohin collection. I’m going to hold it to ransom until Peter offeres me discount 😉

I lifted it up today as I was shuffling a few trees around. This was what I found trying to root into grit underneath. I had lifted the tree about 2 weeks ago and no root was present. A lot of trees putting on late root growth, or maybe this is normal?

4 comments on “Root Much!

  1. Hi Ian,

    I also noticed some excessive root growth with some of my trees and accent plantings if they are standing over low containers filled with split or grit. I think this is very normal. There is always some standing water in the grit, and I believe this creates a microclimate which the plants like. Also very handy if you have to work long on hot and sunny days…

    Many times I have seen the roots grow out of the pot into the grit in search for water. If you remove these roots periodically, I don’t think its harmful. Of course you don’t have to let them grow freely in the grit, because these roots can become very long roots! I always cut them off. Not sure if there are any disadvantages with this system, I haven’t noticed any up to now..


  2. we might be able to discuss your ransom demands here at the Peter Warren workshop next weekend 🙂 !! in the meantime be careful with those roots , technically they are still ” our ” roots 🙂


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