My Front Door

Not really, but interesting all the same 🙂

Michael’s Scot’s Pine – Part 2

Michael popped over yesterday afternoon to finish off the wiring on his Scots Pine.

PART 1 in case you missed it.

This was it before and after work.

I’m a bit disappointed with the photograph LOL looks much better in real life.

We discussed the problems that this tree has and tried to find solutions. I wanted to remove the heavy bottom branch to the right and change the viewing angle. Michael agreed that it was a possible future option.

This would have been the new front.

and this would be it with the branch removed and repotted.

A nicer flow to the trunk line, shows off more of the flaky bark and removes a heavy lower branch that will only get heavier. It would also be a better balance of foliage with a tree of that weight of trunk.

Back to the front we settled for,I find the bend on the first branch distracting. There’s plenty of branches in there but the branch structure is poor with many leggy shoots.

I didn’t get time to do a lot of tweaking and some other adjusts are needed. Michael was happy with the final product which was the main goal. All the other options we discussed are still there and I hope that next year before a repot he might consider removing that branch. Here’s a pot virtual just to give a better idea of the final position.