Drunk Yamadori Hunters!!

This was shared on one of the forums and I just had to add it here.

Two Hungarian blokes absolutely pissed trying to move a big tree stump. Not really yamadori but it makes the video more topical 😀

Just click on the screen shot below to view on YouTube.


Longer Leaves on Fuji

I had posted earlier in the year about my Fuji Cherry. HERE and HERE.

I had experimented with it this year by defoliating. I wanted to see how a cherry would react to this in it’s growth and if the Autumn colour would be better. It also helped me de-wire as I couldn’t see the wire among the dense foliage.

After it came back into full leaf I thought that the leaves were slightly longer than before. Not bigger, just more pointed. It was until I took another Fuji of the same variety into holiday care that I noticed the difference. Both are ‘Kojo-no-mai’.

The top leaf shown here is a normal shape, the one below is my one after defoliation.

Some Autumn colour is starting to creep in but it still looks fresh. Guess I’ll have to wait and see how it goes.