Just cut and Pasted this from Mike’s ‘Bonsai Passion’ Blog. Some toe-rag somewhere in the UK has this.


Korean Hornbeam stolen overnight at the Bath and West garden show. This fine Bonsai belongs to John Trott, aka Mendip Bonsai.

Please do get in touch if you believe you have any knowledge of its whereabouts, or indeed if you hear anything that may assist John to recover his tree. I have included a picture below for reference purposes.

Michael’s Scots Pine

Yesterday was a busy but enjoyable day for me with friends appearing both, in the afternoon, and evening to play with Wee trees. As well as Stephen in the afternoon I had Michael.

He brought a few trees but I was in the mood for his Scots Pine. The last time I had seen it in his garden, it was covered in algae. I suggested a bottle of Algae Remover from Kaizen. He took me at my word and boy did it work. No green bark anywhere on the tree.

Original Front

New front, give or take an inch and a slight tilt.

All 3 of us sat down and picked a front for the tree. I wasn’t too keen on it’s present front and not one of us picked it. Stephen went slightly off centre from the front which was a pretty decent option but I fancied the going in from the other side. As it turned out, so did Michael. It was an interesting tree to look at. Each option had faults and we discussed how to either remove these or hide them. Some of the bends where a tad man made looking but a angle change and a guy line or two would sort this. The tree was collected by Michael from a bog and the bark even on the branches was plating up nicely.

We decided to wire the tree. We knew we didn’t have enough time available to finish it but plans are made for a second afternoon next week..

Some of the foliage before wiring.

After some wiring. I was starting enjoy my self when our time ran out. 😦

second instalment next week.

Stephen’s Juniper Update

I’ve posted on this one a few times this year:

Root Over Rock Common Juniper

Root Over Rock Juniper Update

Yesterday, Stephen brought this tree back to my place for a de-wiring! All ready starting to bite in since April.

We looked over tree and the amount of growth and came to the decision that it was time to prune back. Stephen had let the foliage extend to allow the branches to lignify enough to hold the weight of the new foliage. The foliage on this variety, ‘Repanda’, is quite floppy. As you can see from the progression photos below, it has grown well.

In April before work

 In April after wiring…

In June with some new growth.

…and yesterday. You can see how the shoots have extended and are now strong enough to hold the weight. They are even beginning to point upwards. Stephen had pinched the apex a few weeks back as it was very over grown and the wire was cutting in.

and this is it after pinching and de-wiring. Some branches will need to be re-adjusted. The pinching wasn’t done too hard as we wanted to allow extra foliage on the tree for health and photosynthesis .

Old Joe Yew

When my Uncle Joe died I was allowed to collect this yew from his garden. That was 4 years ago. It is nothing special but has great sentimental value. Joe was a great gardener and loved to talk about my bonsai. He would love to be able to see what I’ve done with this.

I removed the wire from it’s first styling back in the Spring and I have allowed free growth since then. Today I gave it a thinning out removing foliage that was growing in the wrong places. I haven’t rewired anything as yet.

Before trim

after trim

In a year or two it will fill out into a fuller image. I added some foliage with photoshop to give me an idea of where to go next.