Wet Walk

Stephen and I took a chance with the rain this morning and got a little wet but still had an enjoyable dander in the woods. The usual inspirational Beech trees on view.

We could hardly see Strangford Lough with the drizzle .

Just love walking under the tree canopy in the rain. Some lovely scenes.

We spotted this Birch that had grown for years on a slab of rock. I guess it over stretched itself and the weight of the canopy pulled it over. The glade is sheltered and wind paid no part.

Had to resort to a flash!

We did get a brief flash of Sun.

Nebari addict!!

Spotted this plant, not seen it before at Scrabo walk. Anybody know what it is? Has loads of little hooks to catch you as you walk past.

We did manage to get a real telling off from a grey squirrel! The most aggressive one I have ever seen.

Root Much!

This is a little Cork bark Elm that I’m holding for Willowbog Bonsai with a view to slipping it into my shohin collection. I’m going to hold it to ransom until Peter offeres me discount 😉

I lifted it up today as I was shuffling a few trees around. This was what I found trying to root into grit underneath. I had lifted the tree about 2 weeks ago and no root was present. A lot of trees putting on late root growth, or maybe this is normal?