Cotoneaster Pot Virtuals

Following on from my last post, I have done a few quick pot virtuals. Having neglected this tree in terms of styling and design for years, it’s about time I did all I can to improve it. I could just sell it and be done, but, being one of my first trees, I just can’t do it!

Anyway, here are a few virtuals. I have also added a little foliage to fill out the image slightly.

I did these 2 with shallower ovals, as per Peter’s comment suggestion on the other post. Both improve the overall image.

However I think the shape of this pot suits the tree better. I suppose personal taste comes into this. I even added a few extra berries 🙂

Having done the one above I decided to shrink the pot a tad. This , I think, is the best of the 4 options I tried.

Taken for Granted…

This Cotoneaster was one of my first trees. Previous Post

As stated previously, I’m not happy with the look of this tree. I have been over looking it on purpose for a while but yesterday I tweaked it a little to try and hide a few faults.

This was it yesterday morning.

Three faults that I tried to tackle where:

1. This long straight branch showing under the main pad of foliage.

2. This ugly curving branch.

3. These 2 visible branches that catch the eye.

I was able to hide number 1 by adjusting the foliage of the pad with wire dropping it to break the line of the branch. Straight lines in an image catch the eye.

Again, number 2 was concealed by dropping the foliage from another branch down in front of it. Further growth will be needed to complete this.

Fault 3 was solved by a little wiring in the apex to move the foliage to create a nicer apex but also stop the eye being drawn ring through the image to the straight back branch.

I then decided to play about with the position of the primary branch by using a guy line to pull it backwards.This is hard to see in a 2D image. I may decide to change this again.

It is amazing how different a tree looks in a photo. Some new growth will be needed to complete what I started.

As this is one of the first trees I ever carved, I should really pay more attention to how it looks. The longer a tree sits on your bench, the more you take it for granted. It’s hard to always look at a tree with fresh eyes. A lesson I’m trying to learn.