Bonsai Fast Forward

I posted this on Facebook Yesterday and thought I better add it here as well.

Below is a link to conceptnintynine Youtube Channel. Just click on the image. If you look through the most recent uploads you will find a few excellent videos showing Viet Luan Tran restyling some Chinese Junipers at high speed. The one with the photoshop beginning is excellent.

Trident Colour

Even over the last few days of colder weather I have noticed the colour seeping into a few of my Trident Maples.

First one just starting to change.

Visiting wasp.

This one was defoliated and has hardly a coloured leaf as yet. These red ones are more like late new shoots.

This other one however, is well on the way and has some lovely purple leaves. This one was also defoliated in May.

This Speckled Wood was also grabbing what little sunshine was on offer. He didn’t want to move away into the strong breeze.