Field Grown Yew

This little yew was grown from a cutting and spent about 7 years in open ground. It had been choked out by others growing around it and was the smallest of the 10 that where planted.

It got a very basic styling last year. This is it getting it’s second wiring to try and position the primary and secondary branches.

After 40 minutes wiring, weeding and plucking.

a slightly different angle.

It has a nice little wide root base but some cleaning will be required.

The deadwood will need to be refined to get rid of the current bulky look. Shari will be added down the line joining together some of the deadwood areas.

Shohin Elm Progress

I’ve posted a few times about this little Elm.

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I thought I would add another shot today. Nothing dramatic, just showing the stages of the tree in my attempt to develope decent branch structure.

This is what I hope to do from scratch with this air layer stump.