Tour of North Down Part 2

Next stop was Stephen’s garden. Again this was a first time visit for Stan and Stephen gave him a tour of some of his trees.

I was too busy looking for bugs 🙂

Stephen’s little Bonsai Studio, only big enough for hobbits. He’s still looking for a round door 🙂

Some of Stephen’s trees.


Deshojo Maple

Hawthorn Raft

Korean Hornbeam

Cascade Hawthorn. Has yet to have it’s first styling. This was it as collected a few years ago.

I love the bark at the base of this large Larch as well.

If memory serves me right, Stephen was giving me stick about waiting for 30 minutes before I offered him a coffee the last time he was at my house . Did I get a coffee at his?? No! Some excuse about having no milk!   Just thought I would share that to the bonsai community as a whole LOL 😉

Trident Maple Explained

I have several Trident maples in my collection and they are one of my favourite species to work with. I read this latest post by Peter Tea about his work with these trees in Japan. I picked up a few good pointers and was pleased to see that what I had been doing was heading in the right direction.

Here’s a photo of one of my Tridents.

and this is a link to the post by Peter.


Tour of North Down Part 1

Yesterday I spent the day whizzing around North Down running errands involving bonsai.

First stop was Stan’s house. I was going to drop off some trees at Josh’s house and asked Stan to help with the heavy lifting. I had never been to Stan’s before. He’s a newish club member who appears to be as hooked on bonsai as me!! He started about a year ago and I was delighted to see his progress in his back garden. What impressed me most was his willingness to get stuck in on his own and style trees. Some of the tree were new to me and I was delighted to see his set up.

He’s already got himself some railway sleepers to make display benches.

Moving swiftly on from Stan’s we arrived at Josh’s Garden with a boot full of his trees to return. He was out!! We broke into his garden and left him a few extra trees for his display, kinda like stealing in reverse LOL.

I really enjoyed watching Stan’s face when he saw the size of some of the big trees in Josh’s collection.

Left to right, Hornbeam, Cotoneaster and Mugo Pine.

 Lonicera Forest Planting.

Beech and a Turkey Oak.

Beech, Oak, Hornbeam and an Ivy cascading on the end.

and a Mugo Pine on a Rock.

As Josh was out I suggested to Stan that we pop down and get him a look at Stephens collection. After a quick phone call to make sure he was in, we headed in that direction. Photos to follow next post.