A boot load!

Just back from putting some trees into a local Flower Show. My club supports it and we try and get enough trees in to make it interesting for the public. Managed to get 26 in the car, not all mine I might add. That’s Stan lurking in the front. A big thank you to him for assisting with the heavy lifting.

Looks like it could be a wash out. It was heavy rain and the marquee was under pressure! These blokes were doing their best to shift the water gathering on the roof!!

Oak Air Layer

I checked this air layer again today. A few weeks ago it was showing no sign of roots. This was it today.

What I can see is strong, but there’s not a lot of it. I think in this case I will wrap up again in the black rubber and add an extra layer for insulation, then leave until the Spring.

It had proved to be a lot slower that the other species that I layered this year.

Shohin Juniper

This was another sickly tree that I bought cheap early last year. This was it today.

This was the tree sitting on the previous owners bench in April 2010. The botton left branch was useless and when I got it home the top of the tree was badly cut with wire on the branches. Most of these would have had to be removed and regrown.

As it was cheap material and I quite liked the idea of a smaller tree, I opted to remove the whole apex leaving one branch. I put it into a bigger pot with grit to make up for the poor mix it was in.

Once through last Winter I transferred it into the current Walsall Ceramic pot. As you can see, the jin at the top has sprung back to a more upright position that will have to be altered again. The line of the shari will need improved. It’s a bit ‘out there’ in its style, but I like it. I will try and get a bit of definition into the foliage next time I work on the tree.

This was it a few months ago. The foliage had grown well since then.