More Drama…

After getting the big OK last night that the display was going ahead as planned, Dobbies tried to shaft us again this morning. Wanted us to have demo and display in the middle of a bloody restaurant for 2 days so a 1 hour kids party could use the display room. Make sense? Not to me!! Car was already packed so I went over and chewed out 2 managers who didn’t have a leg to stand on. After a heated exchange, mostly on my part, they backed down when I said we were walking away and reverted to the original plan. My secret spy on the staff says the minions working there are delighted 🙂

So, drama over this was my day in pics.

Trees from here…

to here…

to this..

which we changed to this…

and then to this..

The usual tweaks to be made to the display in the morning when more trees arrive. Now looking forward to a few days of pure bonsai 🙂

Plenty more photos being taken tomorrow.

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