Elm Landscape on Corrib Rock

In my previous post I talked about creating a landscape from a dwarf variety of Chinese Elm by planting them on local rock. I grew these trees from cuttings. Unlike normal Chinese Elm, the success rate for this variety from cuttings is about 30%.

The rock is from Lough Corrib in Galway, not on my doorstep but on the same Island 🙂

I thought I would play about with a few ideas today in an attempt to pull something together for the display at the weekend. The public always love the ‘wee trees on the rocks’ and I thought I would try and create a coastal scene. Not a local coastal scene but something more oriental.

There are 3 trees. They used to be on one rock but it broke in half last year!! This has turned out to be a blessing as I can now swap things around and add smaller rocks to the scene.

This was my starting point.

This is the other half.

I also have this rock with moss on it.

When I put them all together it looked a bit cluttered. If I get enough space at the display I might spread it out more, but space will be tight so I started looking for a smaller composition.

Too cluttered

This one was better but still not right for the space.

 The rock at the back did help add depth to the composition though.

I took out the ‘two tree’ rock to see what it was like.

Not good, so I put the two back in and took out the moss rock.

This was looking better and not as cluttered.To give it more realism and help tie the different components together I added some grit as beach sand. Not ideal material but I’ll get something better for the weekend. Added a wee boat too 🙂

It’s not great but I’m pretty sure it’ll get the public talking at the weekend.

4 comments on “Elm Landscape on Corrib Rock

  1. I like it, that last photo is my fav, I think it really works. I’m sure if I went on Flickr for 20mins I could find a real life oriental picture that matches your scene. Hope the public enjoy it as much as I like it. Going to try something like this myself one day.


  2. Nice composition. As a suggestion a small rock just appearing at the back of your large rock (left)might give a sense of depth for you.


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