English Elm Development

This is an English Elm I spotted at Stephen’s yesterday. After it initial flush Stephen pruned it back in an attempt to get back budding, I think we can say it worked. Just look at those buds popping.

I like this tree except for the apex which looks man made with the contrived bend. Although it would set the tree back a bit, I would chop this and regrow the apex in a more natural looking form. Being the apex of the tree and the most vigorous part, it should fill out quickly.

This was the tree back in May last year. A full image but the branch structure was a mess with poor secondary branching and most growth at the branch ends and no internal growth.

This was it at the start of April this year after it’s first flush of growth. Stephen had worked on the tree last Summer and you can see an improvement in the branches from the photo above.

This was it yesterday after responding to a heavy trim 3 weeks ago. You can see the buds popping along the primary branches were there was very little secondary branching. This will improve the quality of the tree.

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