Bronze Sculptures

I have been admiring the bronze Sculptures being used in recent shows and have been thinking about making a purchase. I just love these ones by Henk Fresen.

and these two miniatures.

I was also directed to Mendip Bonsai website who also sell bronze sculptures but are slightly cheaper. These are the ones I like from there.

I prefer Henk’s work but I think I’ll have to work on the wife to get permission to purchase one 🙂

6 comments on “Bronze Sculptures

  1. The ones that are available from John Trott (aka Mendip Bonsai) are excellent Ian. I can really recommend them to you, having seen them.



  2. Henk is undoubtedly the leading artist in this area and each of his pieces are works of art in themselves, of course the prices reflect this !! he is also a really nice guy !


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