Noelanders Trophy Book

I was given a gift voucher recently and opted to treat myself to another book. I already have loads of bonsai books but just can’t help myself. I saw this one advertised in a mag and decided I would never spend that sort of money on a book if it was my own money (£35) so out came the voucher and a few days later it hit the door mat.

Covering 10 years of the Noelanders Trophy, I was expecting plenty of top quality photos of top quality bonsai. This was certainly the case. The early years had a few poorer quality photos but the vast majority of the book looks like this.

The one issue I have with the presentation is the size of a few of the photos. some of the pages seem to be doing the ‘arty’ look with small photos on a nearly empty page. When I study pics of trees I like to look at the detail of the work and design. What’s the point of leaving negative space in a book!? Below is an example of what I mean. How can you study a Shohin display when it measures just over an inch across!!

This is a nice Gallery type book with many top quality bonsai to admire and return to again and again. It’s great to look back on Europe’s best Artists and Bonsai and see how they change and progress over a 10 year period. I only wish they had opted for full page shots. I feel it a tad on the pricey side, but I’ll let you be the judge.

7 comments on “Noelanders Trophy Book

  1. Bear in mind that in the earlier years of the Trophy , the idea of a photographic record of the show was not given a high priority , thoughts on a book to celebrate 10years is quite recent , so they were scratching around a bit for photos to really represent the early shows, notwithstanding your criticisms I still think it a nice book , as for cost , well having been involved with the production of the British Shohin Association book [ first ever British show to have a proper book made ] I have an idea of the costs and the print run on any book of this sort for the bonsai market has to be quite small which of course results in high unit cost !!!


    • It’s actually just the 1st year that the photos aren’t studio quality. From then on they are spot on. Just the size I’m whinging about 🙂

      Fair point about the price. I do love a gallery book. I think I’ll go for a Kokufu one next!

      I was trying to count how many of your trees are in there, lost count at 3 😀


  2. I have got this book at Noelanders in 2010 and I really like it; I agree with you Ian on poor quality pics from the first years of Noelanders but it doesn’t bother me – I enjoy the rest of the book – especially in the winter months 🙂


  3. Sorry pressed the wrong button I’ll continue- expensive and I can’t afford it so that’s the stingy way of doing it! The larch leaves Are going a bit brown on some and are droopy but I put it in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising every day! they are in full sun everyday. So have any pointers


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