Warren Hill Bonsai Sale

As I have a respectable number of American followers, I thought I would share this post from the IBC Forum regarding the Sale of Warren Hill’s Bonsai. This was posted today by Willaim Valanvanis.

Warren Hill has had serious health problems and his bonsai will be sold on Saturday. Here is a message from Matt Berenberg:

ust a friendly reminder that due to health issues Warren Hill has authorized a sale of specimen trees, pre-bonsai and stock material at his Tree Haven School of Bonsai in Greenville, TN. 
This sale is scheduled for this Saturday March 9th from 10 am till 6 pm.

All are welcome to attend.

This sale will include specimen material – one of a kind bonsai created by Warren during his 50+ years in bonsai, as well as stock material propagated and developed by Warren. 
These are truly American bonsai masterpieces.

Images of some of the available Specimen trees can be seen on his web site:http://www.warrenhillbonsai.com/. Specimen trees include ponderosa pines, Japanese black pine , stewartia, wisteria, Chinese quince forest, Japanese and Trident maple forests and single tree specimens, hinoki forests, spruce forest on rock slab, hornbeam forests and single tree specimens, crepe myrtle, several outstanding root-over-rock specimens, and juniper specimens among others.

Stock trees including semi-styled and as well as untouched seed grown material are available. Trees on hand include: satsuki azaleas, Japanese maples, trident maples, root-over-rock material, boxwoods, shimpaku juniper, Tschi-Tschi gingko, tall Stewartia, pomegranate, princess persimmon, dwarf crepe myrtle, spruce, hinoki, hemlock, quince, cryptomeria, Caitlin elm, and Japanese and trident maple forests. This stock material can be used for upcoming workshops or grown and developed into future masterpieces.
Warren has spent the last decade propagating and developing this material and now it will be available to the public. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a tree grown and developed by one of Americas premier bonsai artists and teachers.

If you edit a club newsletter, maintain bonsai friends e-mail list, know of bonsai collectors or clubs that may be interested please share this announcement.
If you cannot attend but have interest in owning one or more of these trees please contact Matt or Tim.


All trees will be priced (A price list will be available the day of the sale)
Cash or check day of sale
prices will range from $25-$20,000

Info: Matt Berenberg —mattberenberg@yahoo.com
Tim Weckman —tj.weckman@yahoo.com


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European Bonsai Forum

A new URL for the European Bonsai Forum. I really must find more time to keep up with the posts, some excellent stuff on there.

The new domain is: http://europeanbonsai.com

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