Stephen’s Place

Popped into the Bonsai Baker’s place during last week. Had a good look about and chatted about trees as usual.

A head scratcher 🙂

His Kyio-hime Maple bursting out

His big Hornbeam that we repotted on Saturday afternoon. More on this soon.

Buds on Hornbeam swelling nicely

His clump Maple

A Cotoneaster potted into a training box to boost growth.

A lovely little pot that Stephen had. A lovely purple colour running through the glaze, photo doesn’t capture it well sadly.

Some of his Accent pots.

Stephen had used one of my pots recently for his maple and I was admiring a pot on his shelf. We ended up swapping. I have no clue what I’m putting in it, but who cares, I love it.


Lodders Spring Show

Well worth a share, Jerry’s set on FlickR showing Lodders and the Spring Show. Just click on the image below to view.