Kusamono Links

I spent a little time over the last few weeks splitting, sorting and searching for new varieties of accent plants. As I’m in the mood, I have shared a few links here for some great posts and sites showing kusamono.

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2012

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2011

The Art of Kusamono

Dan Barton Accent Page 1 of 10 pages

These varieties are on my wish list is anybody knows of someone who has a spare 😉

Eleocharis montavideus — Dwarf rush


6 comments on “Kusamono Links

    • Beautiful accent Robin, it’s here to show the species on my wish list. You can see that I have linked to Dan’s accent pages. If you have an issue with me sharing it for public enjoyment, I’ll take it down.


  1. Dave Martin may be able to tell you where you can obtain a Rhynchospora colorata. He bought one for me. They’re quite tricky to keep thriving and can lose vigour easily


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