Mercy Mission

I was contacted last week by a lady who was panicking about her husbands bonsai. He had 5 trees but has been working abroad and the trees had been neglected for the last few years. She brought all 5 trees to my house during the week and I have offered to help her out. Yesterday I had a closer look at the trees and decided that they all needed repotting. I had been given a free hand with regards to pruning and a little styling too.

This was the first one to get attention, A twin trunk Larch on a slab, over grown and with many dead branches.

This is it after a repot and a haircut. A few obvious branches were wired to bring a little shape back. Some moss added to keep the mix in place.

This was the other larch, same issues as the first one. Some major branches dead and wire badly cut in in a few places.

After I got through with it. Still light of green on the right side but a back branch is being brought around to that side to visually fill the space.

I just loved this little English Elm, and I loved the pot even more! No before shot, hands were to dirty to hold the camera 🙂

Probably a cheap one, but I really liked it.

Again a few dead branches in the tree especially to the right side but I adjusted the potting angle to fill the front image a little more.

Obviously been an air layer at some point.

Potted up

The last two were not as good and had even worse health problems. This False Larch had a lot of dead branches and had obviously dried out badly at some point. When I repotted it, there was hardly any viable roots. It was in a really bad clay, probably there from it’s Chinese origin days.  Some buds swelling, so fingers crossed for the owner.

The last tree was a Chinese Juniper. Sorry no before shot again. It was 4/5 brown foliage 1/5 green. I removed all the dead branches taking it back to the remaining green bits. There is signs of regrowth and after a repot and some TLC it should make a come back.

All of these are now in Ward 1 [ Also known as Poly Tunnel 1 🙂

The owner returns to N Ireland later in the month. Hope he’s happy.